Floating Lanterns in Chiang Mai

Floating lanterns are often used in festivals around Thailand though it is most famous during the Yi Peng Festival in Northern Thailand. The lanterns are made from oiled rice paper with a bamboo frame. In the middle there is a candle made from flammable material. Once this is lit, the the hot air will start to fill up the lantern and it will eventually float away. As there is no control about where it will come down, floating lanterns are banned from being launched in cities.

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  1. Ali Alireza
    May 12, 2011 at 5:48 am

    I was in C.M in New year 2007 but unfortunately the festivities were cancelled because of a bomb that was planted and exploded in Bangkok I think. However, I did get to see the floating lanterns as few people remained at Thapae gate to celebrate.

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