Samchuk Market Suphanburi

One of the better preserved traditional markets in Thailand can be found in Suphanburi Province. It is called Sam Chuk 100 Year Market and it still has its original wooden shophouses that date back to the reign of King Rama V. In those days it was a bustling market alongside the Tha Chin River. This was a main thoroughfare between the north and Bangkok. However, with the building of roads both the importance of the market and the number of customers dwindled. Fortunately, the local people decided to work together to revive the market.

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  1. Erica K.
    February 3, 2012 at 9:48 am

    Hi, in my world literature class we had to pick a country that we wanted to explore. The country I picked was Thailand because of its rich culture and differences that it has to America. I’ve studied the country extensively, both facts and literature, but I cannot gain first hand experience. You, however, have that experience that is crucial to me in immersing myself deeper in the Thai culture. I love your blog. Would you mind telling me more about what your time in Thailand has been like? What is the culture like? How are traditions being upheld and also changing? I’d really appreciate it if you could answer these questions and tell me anything else you feel fitting. Have a great day!

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